PowerFlare - emergency and tactical lights

Illuminted marker beacon



Protect yourself - Protect your equipment - Save lives - Save money

Ultra tough original USA made PowerFlare used for military operations around the world. This versatile illuminated beacon has a broad range of uses and is water proof, can be used in diving and maritime operations as well and is waterproof to over 100 meters.

The efficient LED lights allow the powerflare to operate for several days without requiring a battery change or recharge.

A button allows a number of flash signals to be chosen, including common signals such as SOS. PowerFlare is easy to operate and near maintenance free.

Common uses include:

  • Traffic Control
  • Rescue Signal
  • Vehicle Breakdown 
  • Boating/Marine
  • Tactical Police/SWAT/Military Operations
  • Navigation Marker

Order individual lights or sets in a variety of colours, pouches, cases or buckets.

A permanent magnet can be added to any PowerFlare Safety Light at the factory, enabling the light to be attached to most metal objects.

Unlike other and imitations, this magnet is made from rare-earth metals and has a secure 35 pound attaching force. Not recommended for use on the roadway as the magnet may loosen or crack under heavy vehicles.

PowerFlare is environment friendly and cost effective as it can be used many times over and is one of the most durable illuminaters in the market category


When traffic control, construction, or collision scenes need elevated lighting for extended visibility, PowerFlare Safety Lights can be mounted on top of any standard traffic cone using our patent-pending Cone Top Adapter. Less contact with the ground can also keep your lights cleaner!

Download the PDF catalogue in the product category to choose your configuration and then contact us to complete your order.

PowerFlare is hard to beat for toughness



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