About Us

Kleinod Pacific is a wholly Australian owned company, trading globally in innovative products related to Police, Military ans Security Services. We provide solutions for clients ranging from government and industry to private enthusiasts alike. Our company offers technology products and front-line equipment as well as consulting services across a variety of specialist fields.  

Our range of products is unique and offers excellence in innovation and value. We offer products and training for Law Enforcement, Defence & Emergency Services, as well as industry. We cover a broad range of client scenarios from criminal investigations to tactical and covert operations as well as industry specific applications of our products.

Kleinod Pacific offers you products that are built by exceptional manufacturers and selected by us because they offer a point of difference over their competitors. Our products are well established across the European and US market and the results speak for themselves.  We are the sole distributor in the region for most of the products we offer.  We are dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and the manufacturers, whom we represent to be part of your solution.

Kleinod Pacific draws on its strategic partnerships in industry and government to provide nimble and effective solutions that are built on solid foundations, providing excellent service and products every time.

We look forward to providing you our exceptional products and services.

We look forward to you contacting us.

*Our product range exceeds that shown on our website - please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for online.